Manicure Pedicure
Mai’s Nail Perfection is a full service, by appointment only salon.

Manicure- A full 30 minute, waterless mani that includes cleaning of the nail-bed, appropriate cuticle removal, nail shaping, and lastly, a perfect hue of polish applied.

Pedicure- A full hour service that allows the feet to properly soak in luxurious salts. The toe-bed is cleaned, cuticle and dead-skin is removed, shaped to your preference, then topped with a de-stressing massage. Of course, it’s completed with your polish hue of choice.

Shellac- A full hour is allocated with this service to ensure the nail-bed is properly manicured, then the appropriate coats of Shellac are applied and ample drying time ensures a two week plus longevity.

Acrylic- A full hour service that includes manicuring the nail-bed and applying the proper amount of acrylic according to nail size. This service may be complete with a French finish or coated with your favorite hue of polish.